Perfecting the Retail Travel Agency experience

In an age where the convenience of technology has helped make travel booking processes simpler and faster, the traditional “travel agency” model has fallen behind. We are here to bridge the gap between the current retail agency model and the online travel agent booking process.

Travelstream is all about adapting to advances in technology, utilising them throughout the travel booking and research phases, and mixing that with the traditional “face-to-face” model.

Our Flagship Retail Store
We have state-of-the-art research tools and technology on display in store, for customers to use before making a final decision on one of their biggest leisure expenses with our travel team.

Our dedicated “Discover Bar” at the front of the store carries a variety of touch-screen tablets on display with differing features that assists clients with their travel research. Users can navigate around popular tourist destinations such as New York, London, Hong Kong and so many more in 360 degree immersion using the latest advancements in aerial panoramic photography.

Other research tools on display include a dedicated Travel App with Reviews and City Guides from travellers who want to share the hidden secrets of a city, something most travel agents won’t be able to fully assist with.

For parents who struggle to find the time to get away, our ‘Kids Play’ area keeps children entertained with a custom-built cubbyhouse that also houses toys and furniture to keep them entertained. Most importantly, there is a clear perspex panel behind the cubbyhouse so parents won’t lose sight of their children.

Our Travel Agents
All of us on the Travelstream team are travel enthusiasts. We actively trip the globe, bringing back “best of” recommendations for each other and our clients.  Our Travelstream advisors and support staff are energetic experts who work to craft trips that exceed your expectations and deliver you the BEST value on the market. Let us show you how.

Our Philosophy
Knowledge of our field paired with excellence in customer service is our mantra.  We helpfully inform and suggest—but we never forget we are here to serve YOU.  We listen first.  And we will be here for you – both before your trip and throughout your travel to make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly, handling any hiccups so you are free to enjoy your leisure time.  Hit with a last minute flight cancellation?  Don’t worry.  Give us a call on our 24-hour Concierge Hotline and your Travelstream advisor will have you covered.

Travelstream Today
In the late 2000s, the agency developed a specialty in maximising clients’ perks and amenities on international premium class airfares and now continues to achieve outstanding results for all clients on a retail level.

Under current leadership, Travelstream is pushing the standard of excellence in travel still further.

In 2014, the company expanded with an elite consortium of upscale travel providers to further its ability to offer clients the best and most exclusive options in travel.

In 2016, after many months of planning and consultation, the first retail agency was launched in the highly acclaimed Westfield Plenty Valley shopping precinct, north of Melbourne.

Planning is in the works with many leading Travel Providers and Industry Members to further the reach and effectiveness of a Retail Travel operation concurrently with an ever-growing online market.

The Launch of a new face in travel – Travelstream!

We continually invite all industry partners and travel writers to work with us on developing and modernising the successful, but mainstream, Australian travel agency model.