Download e-book for kindle: Die ewigen Gesetze Band 1: Die neue Erdenmenscheit (German by Natália de Lemeny Makedonová

By Natália de Lemeny Makedonová

ISBN-10: 3849592960

ISBN-13: 9783849592967

Warum sollte es nötig sein, die ewigen Gesetze kennen zu lernen? Warum haben wir bisher noch nichts von ihnen erfahren? Stimmt es: Sie sollen in sich den Anfang und das Ende aller Geschehen tragen? Wie und womit unterliegen wir tagtäglich ihren Wirkungen?
Wer behauptet das, dass wir uns heute mitten im "Gericht" befinden? Wer ruft denn da, dass uns eine "große Reinigung" bevorsteht? used to be soll sich ein normaler Mensch unter den Begriffen "Gericht" und "große Reinigung" überhaupt vorstellen?
Haben Sie ähnliche Fragen? Oder, kennen Sie vielleicht die Antworten? Wenn nicht, dann hilft Ihnen dieses Buch. Denn all diejenigen, die offen und bereit sind, das aktuelle Weltgeschehen auf eine logisch nachvollziehbare artwork und Weise anzunehmen, sind auch bereit, weitere Schlüssel geistiger Kenntnisse aufzunehmen.
Das Buch, das Sie in Händen halten, hat einen unschätzbaren Wert für Sie! Denn es erklärt Ihnen grundlegende geistige Wahrheiten, mit deren Kenntnis Sie sich aus Ihren bisherigen irrtümlichen Anschauungen nicht nur befreien können, sondern selbstbewusst aufatmen können, weil sie zuversichtlich in eine Zukunft blicken werden, in der Sie alles nur noch mit Freude erleben werden.
Die Begriffe "Gericht" und "große Reinigung" beschreiben Geschehen, auf die Sie einerseits nicht mehr lange warten müssen und die andererseits auch Ihnen helfen werden, sich von allem bisher Belastenden und Unmenschlichen befreien zu können. In diesen Geschehen erfüllen sich die Verheißungen Gottes, für die Sie alleine aber kein umfassendes Verständnis entwickeln können. Seien Sie unbesorgt, denn Sie halten die Hilfe in Ihren Händen: Mit diesem Buch erhalten Sie den Schlüssel zum Verständnis, als ein unschätzbares Geschenk.
Denn in diesem Jahr (2014) wird die Buchreihe "Die ewigen Gesetze" Band 1 bis three von der slowakischen Autorin Natália de Lemeny Makedonová zum ersten Mal vollständig in deutscher Fassung veröffentlicht.

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Download e-book for iPad: Angel Michael Oracles by Heaven Leigh

By Heaven Leigh

ISBN-10: 1492230855

ISBN-13: 9781492230854

The channeled messages of Angel Michael Oracles are born from a wedding of minds. From spirit to spirit all of us speak. whilst one involves one other with pressing messages, it turns into a sacred belief to jot down out the impassioned phrases and percentage them. This begun with a bit woman, only a child, who fell in love with a spirit’s message of therapeutic the area. She unknowingly taught her mom to listen to this spirit deep inside. This e-book is a testomony to the Earth Angels who're now listening to and feeling those messages. superbly illustrated to deliver the phrases alive, our prayer is that you're feeling the enjoyment and breathe within the fact of Angel Michael’s message: LOVE Lives Forever.

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Amy Sikarskie's Star-Seeded Ascensions: Activating the Starseed PDF

By Amy Sikarskie

ISBN-10: 1540550079

ISBN-13: 9781540550071

booklet of the Star-Seeded Ascensions sequence, Activating the Starseed, brings the reader up shut and private with the ascension technique. In Activating the Starseed, Amy stocks her awakening and ascension reviews as celebrity councils and the archangel realm percentage pertinent information about Earth's ascension with the reader. This necessary textual content helps Lightworkers and Starseeds of their direction of remembrance and the activation in their star-seed.

"I pretty well cried via a few of the chapters, it was once the same as a code of remembering my mild and my project right here in the world aircraft at the present of 'now'."
-Karina Olszweski, Canada

"Activating The Starseed is going instantly to the center of enlightenment. i discovered that it provided useful steps towards elevating one's frequency and realizing our lively our bodies, besides a virtually palpable strength that labored on different degrees as I learn the ebook. This booklet is a fresh but profound reminder that we're not on my own, that we're right here in this time-frame for a cause, and that our mild is spreading and taking root. i think that this booklet will function a necessary device towards the awakening, activation, and ascension of all who're ended in it!"
-Lindsay Golden Johnson, united states

After a life-changing awakening and trip in elevating her vibration and information, Amy got here to remember presents and talents that she makes use of to aid and help others. She has been known as a "healer's healer" as a result of her event and point of dedication in instructing, facilitating periods, and aiding others as a mentor in the course of their therapeutic and awakening approach. Amy is a certified Vocational Nurse, Hypnotherapist, Reiki grasp and Forsyth Crystal mild desk Practitioner. She assists consumers world wide via power therapeutic, full of life checks, and readings utilizing her clair-gifts. In periods, she works heavily with greater dimensional beings, together with the client's greater self, the angel realm, spirit publications, and big name councils. Amy makes a speciality of mentoring the awakening Starseed and connects in with customer and scholars' superstar councils for info that helps their lifestyles missions.

Activating the Starseed builds upon and offers a brand new viewpoint from the authors’ stories in Messages from The Councils. within the moment ebook of the Star-Seeded Ascensions sequence, Amy stocks conversations along with her councils and what her event is like as she makes a reference to them. Inviting the reader into her global, she stocks specific visions and messages in regards to the activation of the dormant DNA and the way this ties in with the sunshine physique and star-seed. The intergalactic Councils of sunshine construct on her stories as a human, as they percentage insightful info and views relating to ascension and the person and collective roles that Starseeds and Lightworkers play.

“This is a greeting for you the reader, as we welcome you to this e-book, to those teachings, and into those understandings. Please comprehend that as you proceed on your trips of elevating your vibrations and sharing your mild, you're supported by means of the affection divine. it truly is via your intentions and activations that your required ascensions will relate your imparted wisdom, understandings, and remembrances.
For as soon as the sunshine physique is activated and the famous person seed (for those people who are seeded) ignited, stories of your soul’s starting place and reasons will spread. Surfacing out of your brain, the unconscious, you'll start having memories and innate instinctually guided directions because the gentle codes inside of your being relay their formulated plans and your wants; the needs that you simply set forth upon your self sooner than this incarnation. And so it's at present that we greet you, with love and in love. it really is at present that we are saying hi and expand a greeting to you from us, who're of the celebrities, of your place and of your area of origin." -The Council of 8

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Download e-book for kindle: Lilith (eXoth Vol. 2) (Italian Edition) by Mauro D'Angelo,Ksenja Laginja

By Mauro D'Angelo,Ksenja Laginja

ISBN-10: 8898953224

ISBN-13: 9788898953226

Leggere Lilith di Mauro D’Angelo appare un’esperienza mistica, un percorrere vie che nulla hanno del Fantastico e che anzi, possiedono il crudo fascino della realtà occulta che si dispiega con le sue regole che non sono in keeping with nulla imperscrutabili, bensì razionali perché obbediscono alle stesse forze e attrazioni che dominano il nostro piano fisico.
In questo modo D’Angelo dimostra come il concetto arcaico di magia sia superato, ingannevole, e che in line with operare in modo sicuro e coerente nel campo dell’occulto ci sia bisogno di una notevole preparazione nel campo della fisica e delle scienze astrali, unita a una sensibilità non comune capace di garantire los angeles medianicità.

Un estratto

Preparammo con cura los angeles seduta. Sul tavolino spiritico collocammo il simbolo della Luna Nera e nella stanza fu accesa una lampada a luce ultravioletta. Le “evocazioni” spiritualistiche, infatti, necessitano di elementi atti advert attrarre le forze cosmiche. according to ognuna di esse è importantissimo creare un ambiente adatto costituito da simboli, luci, specchi, suoni ed eventuali altri elementi specifici. Questi elementi costituiscono una struttura spazio/temporale all’interno della quale possono avvenire le manifestazioni. los angeles nostra catena, in step with sua caratteristica peculiare, (formata da tre elementi) risultava come una di quelle che comunemente nell’ambito dell’occulto vengono annoverate tra le cosiddette “Catene Cosmiche”. Questo in funzione del fatto che l. a. triade può considerarsi come un Assoluto il quale, nella sua dimensione d'insieme, dà come risultato finale l’Unità, ciò è in riferimento a quanto declamato dalla scienza spiritualistica universale. Inoltre l. a. presenza in essa della componente bipolare, con un Medium uomo Sole (+) e los angeles Luna (-) rappresentata dalle mie due compagne, l. a. rendeva particolarmente efficace nell’Opera rivolta all’evocazione di forze prettamente cosmiche. Prendemmo posto e, dopo un breve periodo di concentrazione, rivolgemmo l. a. nostra attenzione mentale all’immagine di Lilith. los angeles nostra “visione” period attinente a quanto traspariva dalla tradizione rigorosamente ortodossa. Essa risultava, quindi, totalmente scevra da quelle scorie eretico/religiose e stregonesche che nel pace ne avevano inquinato l’ancestrale splendore, riducendola a mero personaggio da incubo.

La quarta

Lilith accompagna da sempre l’umanità nei suoi zeitgeist, ma cos'è questa forma energetica ancestrale indicata come nemica dell'uomo?
Mauro D’Angelo ci mostra i ricordi della sua vita, passata in costante contatto con l’essere più occulto e ineffabile che si conosca, rivelandoci le sfumature, i rituali cultuali che possono avvicinarci a colei che spesso, a torto, è stata definita come un demone, evidenziandone le peculiarità rivelatrici e illuminanti che pochi, nel lungo corso dei millenni, hanno saputo cogliere.

Mauro D’Angelo è autore e produttore artistico. Inizia l. a. sua avventura nel mondo dello spettacolo nel 1979, lavorando according to l. a. RCA. Negli anni collabora con i più prestigiosi artisti della scena musicale italiana. Fonda con Roberto Grillo, (Direttore artistico in keeping with Polygram, EMI, Sony) una delle best etichette indipendenti italiane, los angeles "Supple Productions", che si distingue in step with dinamismo e innovazione delle proposte, nonché in keeping with los angeles presenza e los angeles partecipazione alle maggiori rassegne nazionali del settore. È autore della trilogia sul mito di Lilith e divulgatore della sua filosofia di pensiero denominata "Spiritualismo Subliminale".

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Read e-book online New Earth: A Personal Journey PDF

By Ed Rychkun

ISBN-10: 192706600X

ISBN-13: 9781927066003

In New Earth: someone trip Ed Rychkun solutions a few key questions equivalent to what's Heaven? What might a brand new Earth be like? and the way does the 2012 ascension relate to a brand new Earth? He tells his tale to provide an explanation for how each person is on a seperate trip trying to comprehend what is going to take place to previous Earth. during this own trip, he's taking you on his trip to the internal self and internal earth to bare what the recent earth could be. it is all approximately leaving your actual physique like in a close to dying adventure the place one could unencumber the soul to work out it really is fact. "I have come to a end via my trip that the place we head via ascension and what we percieve as our New Earth is solely diverse from what mind may possibly imagine." Take this expedition into the several nation-states of Agartha, the suitable and natural lands created by means of the ascended ones the place no negagtive energies exist. right here the construction of all issues is quick via natural concept in the Creator's Consiouness.

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Walking With The Archangels: A twelve week workbook to by Carolan Dickinson PDF

By Carolan Dickinson

ISBN-10: 1530468035

ISBN-13: 9781530468034

via a sequence of particular and heavenly occasions, Carolan used to be guided to put in writing, "Walking with the Archangels." during this twelve week workbook, you are going to know about the archangels and the way to set up a dating with them. during the workouts and meditations you can find your personal distinctive means of speaking and of course develop into extra intuitive. adventure the archangels day-by-day expression of affection, pleasure, peace, and knowing. the entire presents belong to you.

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Human Angels,Olivier Thomas's 365 Mantras au quotidien: Jour après jour, ces mantras vous PDF

By Human Angels,Olivier Thomas

ISBN-10: 1519649320

ISBN-13: 9781519649324

Nous sommes tous connectés au monde qui nous entoure. Nos pensées, nos émotions peuvent générer des pensées et des émotions positives, mais elles peuvent aussi créer de los angeles colère, du ressentiment, de l'amertume. Tout dépend de nous. Tout dépend de los angeles façon dont nous appréhendons notre monde à travers nos pensées. Parfois, nous ne savons pas quoi faire, nous aimerions faire quelque selected de positif, mais nous ne savons pas remark l'exprimer. A partir de maintenant, ce pouvoir revient entièrement à nous. Le pouvoir des mots et des pensées est dans ce livre. Ses mantras vous guideront sur votre chemin et vous donneront l. a. tranquillité d'esprit et los angeles judgment of right and wrong d'être toujours le meilleur vous-même, pour exprimer des pensées toujours et seulement positives. l. a. vie peut être parfois facile, parfois difficile. Si nous pensons positif, nous attirons seulement des choses positives et des gens positifs autour de nous. C'est easy, mais pas si facile à faire. Ce livre va vous aider à faire cela, sans attempt, avec légèreté. Vous apprendrez que votre monde est un monde merveilleux. Les gens autour de vous sentirons votre énergie optimistic, et le monde entier en bénéficiera.

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New PDF release: Die Pädagogik in der Einweihungslehre - Teil 1 (Reihe

By Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

ISBN-10: 3895150835

ISBN-13: 9783895150838

"Der Mensch kann mit einem Königreich verglichen werden, in dem seine eigenen Zellen die Bewohner sind und er der König ist. Leider ist er meistens ein entthronter König. Er wurde von seinem Volk, das er nicht weise regieren und erziehen konnte, gestürzt. Solange er an der Macht warfare, gab er sich seelenruhig unnützen und sogar verbrecherischen Tätigkeiten hin und seine Umwelt, die nicht einmal etwas davon merkte, bewunderte ihn vielleicht sogar. Aber seine eigenen Zellen beobachteten ihn. Er konnte sich vor ihnen nicht verstecken und eines Tages beschlossen sie, diesen Herrscher zu stürzen, der sich unablässig verwerfliche Handlungen erlaubte.Bevor guy sich auf die Erziehung der anderen stürzt, muss jeder selbst Pädagoge seiner eigenen Zellen werden. Denn guy muss wissen, dass ein Volk, dessen König ein schlechtes Vorbild ist, ihn nachahmt und ihn eines Tages entthront. Wenn hingegen der König ein Vorbild an Güte, an Edelmut und an Ehrlichkeit ist, ahmen seine Zellen ihn auch nach und unternehmen alles, um ihn zu unterstützen: Sie werden so gehorsam, so strahlend, dass dieses Strahlen sich sogar nach außen manifestiert. Und dieses Strahlen, diese Emanationen wirken auf Menschen, auf Tiere und sogar auf Pflanzen und beeinflussen sie. Das ist wahre Pädagogik."
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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Stanley R. Smith Jr,JoAnn DeJoria Smith's Mind Lost, Mind Found: The Story of JoAnn DeJoria Smith PDF

By Stanley R. Smith Jr,JoAnn DeJoria Smith

ISBN-10: 0971540535

ISBN-13: 9780971540538

brain misplaced brain chanced on is a real tale. At its easiest point, it’s the tale of JoAnn, a tender spouse and mom who needed to placed her lifestyles again jointly after her husband died in a bike twist of fate. It’s in response to a diary JoAnn stored whereas the occasions have been occurring. Wild as her tale is, it’s precise.

Mind misplaced brain stumbled on will fascinate all types of individuals: those people who are attracted to the hippie period, somebody drawn to psychology and psychological disorder, those who ask yourself concerning the life of the wealthy and recognized, and those that take into consideration non secular issues – all of those concerns are a part of the tale. but when you simply desire a reliable learn, brain misplaced brain stumbled on will hold you turning the pages.

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New PDF release: It's Time: Conversation With Angels Volume III

By Dror Ashuah

ISBN-10: 1936940426

ISBN-13: 9781936940424

The Angels Ask: Are you prepared? the only query that you're requested is, "Are you ready?" a much bigger tale is now unfolding, and it's your selection even if to join that tale or watch it spread from the sidelines. the best present you might have is being alive in a physique at the present of big alterations and the chance to stick with your course of fact and light-weight. Human realization is ascending as a complete, in addition to Earth's vibration to its subsequent evolutionary step. You, the single following your center, are being requested to be one of many columns that aid the bridge now being equipped to a brand new point of awareness. each transition aspires to be natural in shape and speed to permit those who're destined to pave this highway to construct those bridges, making a new roadmap for others to stick with. this is often what you're known as to do and be. you're requested while you're able to be a part of that bridge and include the pathway for others to keep on with. you're requested while you're able to reside out of your middle, breathe out of your center, speak out of your middle, act out of your middle, imagine out of your middle, and suppose out of your center. you're requested to be a pulsating, throbbing center of sunshine, beginning and charting a brand new vibration for others to stay via instance. you're requested to be in that frequency for all time, even if you're asleep. Are you prepared? we aren't asking you to visualize it in a few esoteric method; we're asking you to be it. And So Be it's you development a bridge that was once by no means there prior to and taking a highway that didn't exist, paving it so the full frequency of human awareness aligns through the recent coherent resonance that you're embodying via your middle. this can be your strength and what this ebook is all approximately. you may have requested to maneuver larger. we now have given you the roadmap. it really is on you to leap forward and take place it. it really is time.

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